Final Revision – Exam 2


Final Revision - Exam 2

Exam 1

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Choose the correct answer from a, b, c, or d:

1. Determination is one of the factors of success. “Determination” is similar in meaning to “......”.

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2. ......... are constantly searching for planets that may support human life.

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3. If you are in danger of suffering from burnout, you will probably ......... stress.

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4. Mohsen’s ......... is so smart. He is going to marry her as soon as he returns from London.

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5. Educationists always try to ......... students’ productivity levels.

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6. I used to ......... the violin when I was a student.

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7. Unfortunately, the accident left the young man ......... disabled.

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8. The impressive historic sites in Luxor usually ......... more and more tourists.

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9. The crazy man killed the worker in a ......... of anger.

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10. Online shopping has increased significantly; it has grown ......... .

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11. I think we need to look ......... ways of cutting down pollution.

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12. In conclusion, we can say that studying in the morning seems to help most students to become
more productive. “In conclusion” can be replaced with “.........”.

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13. He is an unpopular student among his peers because he is selfish and ......... .

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14. A lot of environmental problems could ......... because of a lack of public awareness.

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15. The author ......... to make the story more interesting, but some of the incidents seemed illogical.

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16. We waited for the announcement of the winner with bated breath. This means:


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17. I realised I ......... my watch in the office when I ............ home.

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18. I think more desert land ......... by 2050.

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19. Your health seems to be worsening. You ......... a doctor at the beginning of the infection.

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20. I was ......... to follow the leader’s instructions or I ......... be punished.

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21. Don’t worry; only ......... coffee was spilt on the carpet.

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23. It was kind of Hady to help the old man ......... the heavy bag in the street.

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22. Rami got very low marks; he ......... the faculty he wanted.

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24. ......... of the four children received a special gift; they were all pleased with the gifts.

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25. I highly appreciate the kind manager with ......... we work.

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26. Many years have passed ......... the last time we met in Paris.

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27. He ......... on time for the meeting, hasn’t he?

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28. My mother ......... the housework when I returned home, so I helped her finish that work.

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29. Which of the following isn’t structurally correct?

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30. No pandemic was as serious as COVID-19.
Which of the following doesn’t give a similar meaning?

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31. I wish I had worked harder when I had time. This means:


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32. Which of the following isn’t a correct passive sentence?


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33. Which of the following is the correct direct sentence for this reported one?
He asked me when I’d be ready for the journey to Alexandria.


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Choose the correct translation.
Translate into English:

أعتقد ان الخبرة فى العمل مهمة، لكن لا يمكننا التغاضى عن حماس الشباب وافكارهم المبتكرة، لذلك لا يمكن لكثير من الاعمال ان تنجح لو نتجاهل اى من ا لعاملين 


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تعتبر المعسكرات الصيفية وسيلة فعالة لاستغلال اوقات الشباب وتدريبهم على انماط العمل الجماعى وكيفية الاعتماد على النفس بشكل يساعد على بناء الشخصية الاجتماعية المتعاونة.

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36. Reading is a vital activity for students of all ages since it exposes them to a variety of
cultures and valuable knowledge. It also makes learning a more pleasurable process.

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37. It is highly recommended to avoid burnout because it is a health problem that is affecting
more and more people today due to the pressure of the hard work they are doing.

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38. At the end of an essay, we can use “.........”.

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40. Which of the following doesn’t show regret?

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39. A/An ......... essay is a genre of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic; collect,
generate, and evaluate evidence; and establish a position on the topic in a concise manner.

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41. Which of the following is punctuated correctly?

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42. One of the following sentences can’t be used when you end an essay on the merits of the internet:

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Read the passage and choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

It’s amazing and difficult to believe, but we’re actually less familiar with the depths of the
oceans on our own planet than we are with the surface of Mars. Robots are now being used
increasingly to carry out the task of gathering data about the world below the waves. These
specially designed robots are able to obtain data more quickly and efficiently than human beings.
However, many of the robots, currently being used for this purpose, require batteries which run
out after a certain amount of time underwater and, therefore, they need to return to be
recharged regularly. As a result, they cannot stay underwater long enough to reach the deepest
points of the ocean, yet these tend to be the areas that scientists are most keen to learn more
Consequently, a lot of excitement has been produced by a technological innovation which
involves using the energy generated by the robot’s movement from warmer to colder waters and
the other way round. All the robot has to do is move through the sea and enough energy is
generated to charge its battery at no cost whatsoever, and the result is that data can be collected
for significantly longer periods of time.
It looks as though this kind of technology will increase the amount of the ocean that
underwater expeditions can investigate by allowing them to do this for much longer periods of
time. Nevertheless, scientists who like to create a map of the whole ocean still face massive
challenges when it comes to the logistics and finances that are necessary for the completion of

this task. Some estimates have suggested that even with innovations such as the one described in
this text, at least 3,000 robots would have to be in operation for a period of ten years in order to
map the whole ocean.

43. What is the disadvantage of the robots mentioned in the first paragraph?

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44. The energy generated by the robot’s movement from warmer to colder waters and the other
way round ......... .

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45. According to the passage, which of the following gives the meaning of “accordingly”?

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46. According to the passage, creating a map of the whole ocean is a big challenge because ...... .

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47. According to the passage, which of the following isn’t correct?

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49. The underlined word “they” refers to ......... .

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48. What is the main idea of the passage?

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Read the passage and choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
When we talk about ‘lifelong learning’ we’re usually referring to studies that people undertake
or courses that they choose to participate in when they’re no longer at the age when you would
expect them to be at school or university. The idea behind ‘lifelong learning’ is that gaining new
knowledge and developing new skills is an ongoing journey and not just something that we do
while we’re at school to gain specific academic qualifications. For this reason, a lot of lifelong
learning is a matter of learning something for pleasure or enjoyment. People who like visiting a
particular country on vacation might choose to learn the language of that country, so they can
communicate with the locals better on their next trip.
Often lifelong learning has a more practical purpose for the people who participate in it,
however, as it can definitely help improve your career prospects and usually also increase your
income. Similarly, the social and emotional advantages of lifelong learning shouldn’t be
overlooked. If you’re feeling lonely or isolated, for example, learning something together in a
group, whether it’s on or offline, can help reduce those feelings. Another advantage of lifelong
learning though is that you can often do it whenever and wherever you are as you can learn from
books you can borrow from the library or just have a go at painting a picture and then think of
what you could improve to do it a little better the next time.
However, people are able to learn, a great sense of achievement can be gained from setting
goals, such as being able to speak a foreign language, and then being able to achieve that goal.
The effect of achieving goals like these is to help us to feel more content.

50. “Lifelong learning” is ......... .

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51. “Lifelong learning” could be ......... .

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52. The social and emotional advantages of lifelong learning shouldn’t be overlooked. “emotional”
is an antonym for “......”.

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53. According to the passage, which of the following doesn’t belong to “lifelong learning”?

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54. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

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55. The underlined word “gaining” means “.........”.

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56.The practical purpose of lifelong learning is that ......... .

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Great Expectations

Answer the following questions:
57. ‘What? Please don’t say that she is the Estella you knew!’ Miss Havisham said.
Why do you think Miss Havisham wanted to draw Pip’s attention to the fact that Estella had changed?

58. Which character do you like most in “Great Expectations”? Why?

59. If you were Pip, would you refuse to benefit from the wealth of that convict? Why?

60. In your opinion, should Pip have helped the convict? Why?

61. What might have happened if Miss Havisham’s fiancé had been faithful to her?

62. Do agree that Mr Joe played a role in changing Pip’s character? Why?

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63. Write an essay of about 200 (TWO HUNDRED) words on “Your role model in life.”

64. Write an essay of about 200 (TWO HUNDRED) words on “Reading is the most important source of

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